Mark Culotta President

President and Chief Executive Officer


Louisiana State University

Bachelor of Architecture – May 1985


Over twenty-five (25) years experience in design, specification writing, Construction Management and Construction Contract Administration, including project scheduling, budget cost development, adherence to project cost and accounting assignments.


National Council of Architectural Registration Boards

American Institute of Architects

Louisiana Architects Association

Construction Specifications Institute

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors



Hurricane Katrina Storm Damage Remediation, Ritz Carlton Hotel Complex

New Orleans, LA – $85,000,000

Hotel Forensic Analysis, Including Building Envelope, Interior Air Quality.

Life Safety Systems, Mechanical and Electrical Systems, Ritz Carlton Hotel Complex New Orleans, LA – $20,000,000

Municipal / Traffic Court Building Renovation, New Orleans, LA – $11,000,000

New Meeting Rooms, Ritz Carlton Gallery of Shops – $550,000

Municipal Traffic Courts Re-Roofing, City of New Orleans – $500,000

Behrman Park Memorial Stadium, City of New Orleans – $1,100,000

Multi-Family Affordable Housing Prototype N.O., LA – $250,000

Renovations to University of New Orleans Science Building – $450,000

Renovations to University of New Orleans Liberal Arts Building – $300,000

Renovations to University of New Orleans Education Building – $480,000

Renovations to 1st Floor Xavier Living and Learning Center – $225,000

Burke Park Improvements, City of New Orleans – $500,000

Juvenile Holding Center, City of New Orleans – $275,000

Renovation to UNO Science Lecture Hall – $80,000

Renovation to UNO Business Lecture Hall – $115,000

Emergency Repairs to UNO Central HVAC Plant – $425,000

Tivoli Place Life Safety Upgrades – $1,100,000

Golf Pavilion, New Orleans City Park – $225,000

St. Dominic’s Library – $275,000

Joe Brown Park Pavilion & Improvements – $750,000

Gootee Construction, Inc. Office Building – $700,000

Department of Streets, City Hall, N.O., LA – $100,000

City Information Offices, N.O., LA – $125,000

One Perkins Place Office Complex, Baton Rouge, LA – $750,000

Entrance Pavilion – Louisiana Nature & Science Center

New Orleans., LA $350,000

NORD Lyons Pool and Center Renovation – $1,100,000

St. Catherine’s Elementary School, Met., LA – $300,000

St. Dominic’s Elementary School, N.O., LA – $650,000

Optometry Doctors Office, Precision Lens Crafters:

Various locations – $20,000,000

Optometry Doctors Office, Eye Masters, Baton Rouge, LA – $150,000

Optometry Doctors Office, Mesa, AZ – $150,000

Dormitory & Services Wing, Chi Omega Sorority House, LSU – $300,000

Hahn Shoes Retail Stores: Various locations – $4,000,000

Precision Lens Crafters, Super Optical Lab & Retail Sales:

Various locations – $40,000,000

Eye Masters, Super-Optical Lab & Retail Sales, Baton Rouge, LA – $250,000

20/20 Eye Care, Super-Optical Lab & Retail Sales, Baton Rouge, LA – $200,000

Live Oak Arabian Stables, Baton Rouge, LA – $650,000

Construction Management:

Hurricane Katrina Storm Damage Remediation, Ritz Carlton Hotel Complex

New Orleans, LA – $85,000,000

Tornado Damage Stabilization, Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel,

Atlanta, GA – $40,000,000

Archstone Westberry Apartments Repairs,

Westberry, NY – $36,000,000

Ritz Carlton New Orleans Interior Renovations, N.O., LA – $7,000,000

Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove Interior Renovation, Miami, FL – $4,000,000

NORD Swim Center @ Joe Brown Park – $2,500,000

French Market Building “D” – $1,725,000

Bloch Cancer Survivors Plaza – $750,000

New Orleans Museum of Art, Exhibit Casework – $1,000,000

St. Mary Magdalen Church Renovation & Expansion, Metairie, LA – $1,500,000

Health Care Advantage Office Renovation, N.O., LA – $275,000

City Council Office, N.O., LA – $1,200,000

1000 Howard Avenue Office Renovations, N.O., LA – $1,000,000

Louisiana Children’s Museum – $1,800,000

Cabildo Reconstruction (LA State Museum) – $5,500,000

New Orleans Museum of Art – $11,000,000

Performing Arts Building, Dillard University, N.O., LA – $6,800,000

The Steak Knife Restaurant, N.O., LA – $300,000

Storyville Jazz and Comedy Club, N.O., LA – $275,000


Louisiana State Architectural License No. 3988, September 1988

NCARB Council Certification No. 33757, September 1988

State of North Carolina Architectural License No. 11852, August 2010

State of South Carolina Architectural License No. 8273, August 2010

State of Georgia Architectural License No. RA012965, October 2010

State of Texas Architectural License No. 22228, October 2010

State of Alabama Architectural License No. 6878, November 2010

State of Illinois Architectural License No. 001.21288, December 2010

State of New York Architectural License No. 034540-1, December 2010

Certified Construction Document Technologist

Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors License No. 55630, June 2011


1991 – Present Pascal Architects, LLC, PrincipalResponsibilities included duties as Corporate President and CEO, project designer, forensic investigator, specification writer, and project manager
1987 – 1991 The Architecture Group, Principal/PartnerResponsibilities included duties as Corporate Secretary and Treasurer, project designer, specification writer, and project manager
1986 – 1987 Buzzell and AssociatesResponsibilities included duties as project designer, specification writer, and project manager
1985 – 1987 Louisiana State University Baton RougeResponsibilities included duties as Instructor for First Year Design Studio, Co-Instructor for Fifth Year Design Studio, and Co-Instructor of Architectural System Class
1984 – 1985 A. Hays Towns, AIA ArchitectProject Architect responsibilities includingduties as project designer and specification writer
1980 – 1984 W. S. Nelson Engineers and ArchitectsResponsibilities included duties as Assistant Office Manager and architectural draftsman