goran jovanovic
Senior Project Manager


University of Architecture, Civil Planning & Civil Engineering

Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, September 1979 – December 1983

Republic Committee for City Planning, Civil Engineering & Municipal Affairs

Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, May 1984 – June 1985


More than twenty-eight (28) years experience in the construction industry. Experience includes maritime construction, industrial demolition, concrete construction, and historic preservation and exterior restoration projects in Croatia, Italy and the United States. Duties with Façade MD include Coordination of Field Staff and Project Management. Technical services such as field analysis of building structure and waterproofing systems, development of repair and restoration details, coordination of competitive bidding and filing with regulatory agencies, and services during construction to ensure compliance of work with design.


Hotel Exterior Wall Stabilization and Rehabilitation; Taj Hotel

Boston, MA – $2 million dollars

Hurricane Katrina Exterior Wall Damage Rehabilitation; Ritz-Carlton Hotel

New Orleans, LA – $2 million dollars

Exterior Wall Rehabilitation and Window Replacement; 26 Verizon buildings

New York, NY – $50 million dollars

Window Replacement; 1 Wall Street, New York, NY – $1.3 million dollars

Exterior Wall Rehabilitation and Roof Replacement; 32 Columbia University buildings, New York, NY – $45 million dollars

Library and General Assembly Buildings Exterior Wall Rehabilitation; United Nations, New York, NY –

$1 million dollars

Façade & Roof Rehabilitation; 770 Park Avenue, New York, NY – $2.5 million dollars

Curtain Wall Rehabilitation; 100 United Nations Condominiums,

New York, NY – $1.3 million dollars


Graduate Engineer of Architecture, Yugoslavia, No. 2371/1983-AU-88, December 1983

Professional Exam No. 07/1-153-125/85, Sarajevo, June 1985

RESTORE Intensive Masonry Restoration Program, December 1998


June 1984 – May 1985 POMGRAD Split, Croatia

Project Coordinator & Site Manager

Maritime construction; ACY Marinas, Port of Limassol, Cyprus, Port Headquarter Building, Ploce, Croatia

May 1985- February 1992 Dubrovnik Consulting, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Construction Supervisor

City development, historic restoration, preservation & revitalization

March 1992- January 1995 Bove Studio, Salerno, Italy

Senior Project Coordinator

Project design & construction coordination, Specialized in rehabilitation of structures damaged by earthquake

March 1995 – May 1997 DMP Construction, New York, NY

Site Manager; interior renovation specialist

May 1977 – present Façade MD, New York, NY

Senior Project Manager